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Best Sushi in Town


Arigato Sushi
in Salinas

In the skilled and artful hands of Arigoto sushi, traditional Edomae-style sushi has been elevated to an exquisite level as yet unseen in Salinas. 

What you see on the plates at Special Roll goes well beyond sheer expertise. Begin with the world’s finest seafood, add exceptionally talented chefs, and an ambiance that’s enjoyable and classically Japanese. Together, these elements combine to make any meal at Arigato sushi a truly extraordinary dining experience. 

Elegant, exclusive and so memorable it approaches the magical, at Omakase, every element of the experience is uniquely special.

Arigato Sushi
in Salinas

1740 N. Main st. Salinas, CA 93906


Opening Hours


Mon - Thurs :   11:30am - 09:00pm

Friday - Saturday :   11:30am - 09:15pm

Sunday :   11:30am - 09:00pm

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